Sunrise (Official Video)

March 23, 2017

I wrote this song when I was on a road trip through Sweden. I was sleeping in my car and doing what I call a “slow-tour”, when you have equal part holiday and shows. It was the peak of summer and the light was gorgeous; long lasting and gentle. There is so much water in Sweden; so many lakes and beautiful beaches; you feel like you’re on the edge of the world when you’re that far north. Sunrise is a song about escaping and it seemed very fitting to record it in Memphis, with the road trip being such a feature in American literature, music and popular culture.

When I started gathering ideas for the video and storyboarding with director Max Baring, I had no idea that it would turn out as a “roadside rom-com”.

We started with the basics: the song itself is about a romantic road trip; it was recorded in Memphis with the band giving it that Memphis soul sound… the idea of an American road trip seemed the obvious way to go; a nostalgic drive down Route 66 or a sun-drenched ride down the Pacific Coast Highway perhaps? However, I wanted to set the video close to home: so that it would reflect my own story of living in the UK, but dreaming of travelling to America. I wanted to connect to that feeling everyone experiences at some point in their lives of wanting to escape it all and hit the road on an adventure.

I live in Stroud, and whenever I drive out I pass by this fantastic old A-road lay-by cafe. It’s so incredibly British. I pulled up there one day on a whim to ask them if they would mind me making a music video there and, fortunately, they were really into the idea.

Huge thanks to ‘The Glider Cafe’ for letting us use their wonderful lay-by establishment as the location for the vide; to Max Baring who directed, filmed and edited the video; to Alex Scott for playing “The Driver” and Jo Fisher “The Other Waitress”; to The Village Players who were fantastic extras, and to Tobias Ben Jacob and Lukas Drinkwater for their cameo appearances.

I had so much fun making the video! It took me back to my days as a waitress. I hope you enjoy it!