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A Dark Murmuration of Words

My new album A Dark Murmuration of Words is out now!

I’ve spent a not-insignificant amount of time over the last few years searching, reading, learning and thinking, looking into the gaps of the unspoken, the invisible, and the unacknowledged in an attempt to establish where my own sense of reality takes shape. It’s a journey that has led to this record.

The songs on the album are an exploration of climate change, racism, sexism, and myths of economic progress through the lens of my constant questioning of what it means – for me – to feel at “home.” I found myself searching for connections between these themes and how they shape the rapidly shifting modern world we live in. Finding meaning becomes challenging with the deafening clamour of social media in this age of fake news and algorithmically filtered conversations, but it feels important to try. When I stood back and looked at all these songs together, patterns emerged – what had at first seemed like a disparate set of songs were all part of the same story.

The American writer Emily Dickinson once said that “If you take care of the small things, the big things take care of themselves” – like the starlings in a murmuration, where the movement of each individual bird is related to just seven of its closest neighbours, none of them aware of the mesmerising, fluctuating shapes being created by the flock.

This album is my way of reaching out; to start a conversation that might form a small part of the larger pattern of a better future; a future we can all play an equal part in.